French fried potatoes, close-up

A Woman Got Arrested For Stealing ‘3 French Fries’

novembro 26, 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

With crime news coming from every corner of the globe, crimes have become quite common these days. Here is an incident from Washington where a woman got arrested for robbing '3 french fries'. Don't believe us? Check out the story here. Maryland woman was caught after she robbed 3 french fries from the plate of…


Girlfriend Tries To Fool Her Boyfriend But Things Took A Bad Turn

novembro 26, 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

We all try to make fun and fool our loved ones because it's just for fun and nothing serious. Similarly, a girl thought to prank her boyfriend but what he told in return just broke her down. This is how she started everything. And he revealed something. He reveals a little truth about himself. And she was just…


10 Horrible Images Showing The Real Life Of Mental Hospital Patients

novembro 25, 2016 renanlorenzutti 0

Hospitals were the torture theaters in the 1900s. The life of patients in mental hospitalswas more or less similar to the criminals in jail. Mental hospitals were full of negative vibes, hopelessness, and mistreatment. There were extra locks on the doors with padded walls and suffocating rooms. Let's check out few horrible images depicting the…

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